Spain is a world reference in tourism and health care.

Our health sector is well known world-wide. It is honored with high prestige specialists and it is competitive thanks to the low cost related to the services given. We also offer a secure environment for our clients.

Spain is the third country in the world with the highest life expectation and our mortality rate from cancer and heart diseases are below the media.

It is also a world reference in organ donation and transplants. We have the first position in the world in number of donations and the second in number of transplants.

Spain has high technological equipment, which stands out of our 25 Da Vinci robots and maintains very high assistance quality standards, as shown in our 21 Joint Commission International accreditations.

On the other side, Tourism is one of the most important industries in Spain. Our tourism industry is the third in receptions and the second in incomes world-wide. Spain offers a wide cultural leisure and tourist attractions. Spain   enjoys a privilege climate and geographical position, counting with our excellent tourist infrastructures. Its extensive offer and quality service place the level of satisfaction in our tourists in  8.5 out of 10.

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