Reprofiv is a Centre for Assisted Reproduction that offers a comprehensive and high-quality reproductive medicine. We are an expert multidisciplinary team which counts on the most advanced technical resources and offers all assisted reproduction techniques that currently exist.
The main objective is to dispense to our patients professional treatment, close, sincere and quality, so they can address their reproductive project with confidence, knowing that their dreams are also ours and we will work together to achieve them.

Our results speak for themselves, but we think that overall statistic is not the most important but the outcome of each case is what motivates us to constantly improving. We encourage you to bring in our hands your reproductive project.

Relax and think of your well being and your partner while we take care guiding you to the best way to get the birth of your son.

Reprofiv is certified and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Health. The embryology laboratory is accredited by both the Spanish Association for the Study of Biology Reproduccioacuten (ASEBIR) and by the European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE).


Calle Tablas de Daimiel, 8, 28924 Alcorcón Madrid

Francisco López Rodríguez

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