Victoria Eugenia Hospital of Seville, is a concerted Private Hospital located in the north of the city of Seville, at the intersection of Avenue of the Red Cross with Round Capuchins.

 Eugenia Victoria Hospital is a medical-surgical hospital with a history of 90 years, however, It has been completely renovated and updated to adapt to the health needs of the moment.

The main objective is, "Ensuring the health of their patients,"so  the hospital has been walking in parallel with the progress and innovation offering personalized services supported by the most advanced technology applied to health care.

Hospital activity is focused on the "Outpatient" (more than 30 specialties) in the operating room (especially in ambulatory surgery) and units that provide full assistance to our patients: Cardiology Unit, Reproduction Unit Power (Bionac) Food intolerance Unit, Unit of Gastroenterology, Care Traffic accident victims and emergency department, among others.

 Eugenia Victoria Hospital is a hospital Socially Responsible. It isTotally dedicated to satisfying your needs and expectations as a customer. And this has led to the hospital to develop a quality policy and environment that has been recognized at European level and that support numerous quality certificates we have.

 Eugenia Victoria Hospital has three floors and bathroom doors, distributed as follows:

- Ground floor: Critical Care Unit and Emergency Department, Surgical Area (5 theaters), Outpatients (over 30 specialties) and billing, among other services.

- 1st floor: Address Pharmacy and Area Hospital.

- 2nd floor: Traffic Unit.

Hospital Victoria Eugenia (Cruz Roja)

Avenida de la Cruz Roja nº 1, 41009 Sevilla Sevilla

Antonio Montero Sines
954351400 - 955038600

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