Accredited by the Joint Commission International since 2004, the University Clinic of Navarra has been one of the most prestigious hospitals in Spain since it opened its doors in 1962. Located in the city of Pamplona in northern Spain, it operates as the hospital of the Medical Faculty of the University of Navarra.
The hospital complex currently occupies 75,000 square metres and is located in the area referred to as the "Biomedical Campus" in the University of Navarra, near the Applied Medical Research Centre (CIMA) and the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Sciences.

All the medical specialities are housed in the same building at the Clinic. All the analytical, radio-diagnostic and medical or surgical tests are performed in the same centre. Its resources include 300 beds, 15 operating theatres, adult and paediatric ICU, and a Special Hospitalisation Unit.

Our primary objective at the University Clinic of Navarra is to provide patients and their families with the best medical and human treatment possible. This is the foundation on which our organisation is based and which we have applied throughout more than 50 years to over 700,000 patients who placed their trust in us.

One of the essential distinguishing characteristics of the Clinic is that the doctors and 2,000 plus professionals that work there operate full time under exclusive contracts, unlike other private hospitals. All our specialists also distribute their time between patient care, teaching and research. Our professionals understand that training and research mean new opportunities for our patients, and this was borne in mind when developing our approach.
Thanks to this unique model, the University Clinic of Navarra has been a pioneering institution in implementing medical techniques in Spain and at an international level, and is a worldwide benchmark in a large number of highly specialised procedures such as radioembolization with micro-spheres of Yttrium-90 (Hepatology),obesity surgery, cochlear and brainstem implants (Ear, Nose and Throat), treatment with adult stem cells for a large number of diseases, Parkinson surgery, osteosarcomas, hepatobiliary surgery , macular degeneration, etc. It is the only private Spanish centre where extremely complex procedures are performed such as liver, kidney and heart transplants. 

The University Clinic of Navarra is a not-for-profit organisation that reinvests all its income in improving its technological resources and boosting research. This enables us to offer new opportunities and new solutions to our patients.
Investment in equipment is an ongoing process and we can guarantee that we have the most advanced technology available in the market. The Clinic is the private hospital with the highest number of technological resources available in Spain in one single centre. Equipment used by our specialists includes the Da Vinci robot, 3 interventional radiology rooms, 4 linear accelerators (one of which is an Elektra Versa HD, the first in Spain), 1 PET, 1 PET-CT, PET GMP laboratory (we are one of the European hospitals with most radio-tracers to fine-tune the PET diagnosis), and a Cellular Therapy GMP laboratory.

Research is another strategic focal point of the organisation, with special emphasis being placed on the development of lines of translational research where results can be swiftly applied to the improvement of patient care.
Work at our Applied Medical Research Centre (CIMA) is carried out by multi-disciplinary teams of doctors, biologists, pharmacists, engineers and specialist technicians, focusing on four areas: gene therapy and hepatology, cardiovascular sciences, neuro-sciences and oncology. More than 350 professionals from over 25 countries work at the research centre; the result of half a century's experience at the Faculties of Medicine, Sciences and Pharmacy and from the research conducted by the Clinic itself.

The University Clinic of Navarra is the private centre with the highest number of clinical tests under development in Spain. It also forms part of a large number of national and international research networks with private and public bodies so as to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and developments amongst its members.

Thanks to the most advanced technology, the full time dedication of our professionals and having all the medical specialisations in one single centre, the Clinic can coordinate and organise the entire process so that the patient can receive check-ups, tests and treatment in the shortest possible time, thus ensuring that the results of diagnostic tests are generally obtained in 48 hours 
If intervention is necessary, the Clinic can coordinate the process to provide an operation in less than a week, although this always depended on the characteristics and needs of each individual patient.
At the same time the Clinic dedicates all the time and all the resources required for each clinical case so as to provide truly personalised and high quality health care. This effort is reflected in the positive assessment of the Clinic by our patients, with satisfaction levels of 94%, 10 points above the average for Spanish hospitals that have been surveyed.

The Clinic is accredited by the Joint Commission International, an international guarantee of high medical quality. It is also the private hospital with the best assessment given by doctors in Spain (OCU 2013) and has been named a Centre of Excellence in the integration of oncology and palliative care by the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) and obesity, amongst other awards.
The Clinic is a hospital with an international character that receives patients from more than 60 countries. The Clinic has an International Service at the service of foreign patients that is designed so that they may feel at home and that reduces the discomforts caused by a change of country, city or language.


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