Circulatory treatments favour blood circulation and the organs. The main effect on the organism is due to their hyperaemic effect in increasing blood flow. Sulphur decreases the resistance of the peripheral vessels, which lowers arterial pressure and improves circulation to the heart and the brain. For this reason they are highly recommended in the case of major cardiovascular ailments such as arteriosclerosis, venous insufficiency, hypertension and hypotension, as well as for varicose veins, heavy legs and any other circulation problem. They also decrease swelling in the case of post-phlebitic states, partly due to the anti-inflammatory effects of these treatments, and partly due to the fact that they enhance microcirculation and peripheral circulation. They are also recommended in prescriptions of vascular gymnastics and in detoxification treatments, as the increase in blood flow favours the elimination of toxins and facilitates the absorption of ascorbic acid necessary for the processes of oxidation and regeneration of the tissues.


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