HM Hospitales

Hm Hospitales , Spanish Hospital Group, with more than 30 years taking care  of  our doctors and patients from Spain and  all around the world by a personalized  care. 

HM Hospitales is the leading Hospital Group in Madrid, covering all medical and surgical specialties, with 7 General Hospitals and 4 Comprehensive Centres super-specialised in Oncology, Cardiology, Neuroscience and Fertility.

HM Hospitales has a long-standing experience as it has been treating many international patients for many years who come from all over the world. 

These international patients may come to us from their country of residence for a second medical opinion, attracted by the prestige of medicine in Spain, by our professional specialists, our advanced technologies and the well-recognised quality of our healthcare services, or they may be expatriates, such as diplomats from the different embassies located in Madrid, employees of international companies, or students who are over on an exchange program. We also assist a great amount of tourists who have required medical assistance at some point during their trip.