Now you can make Spaincares your no.1 partner so that your customers have access to the health offer in Spain and under the best conditions:

Advantages for collectives:

  • Possibility of negotiating customised agreements.
  • Access to special offers.
  • Direct communication with our commercial team.

Spaincares Colectivos is a programme designed especially for travel agents, medical facilitators and other companies, intended to offer your customers the whole range of Spaincares’ offers under exclusive conditions.

  1. Who can sign up to the programme? 
    To register with Spaincares Colectivos you must be a company or a sole trader whose activity is health tourism or intermediation between patients and health centres. Both when representing large companies or corporations or representing a health services’ company in your country (Hospital, Health-partner Centre or Resort).
  2. Is Spaincares Colectivos a free programme? 
    Yes, forming part of Spaincares Colectivos involves no charge to you. 
  3. How can I sign up?
    You must enter the data as a new user and in less than 48 hours we will confirm the registration and a vendor will get in touch with you. 
  4. How can my customers access Spaincares’ offers?
    Spaincares will provide you with a collective code that you can give your customers so they can access the negotiated offers at our website.